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A conversational revolution is underway

Hi folks,

A revolution is well underway in the way we are communicating with each other. This revolution is Messenger chat. The future points very strongly to us as human beings communicating through AI enhanced chatbots in messenger platforms to communicate with each other and with the companies, brands and products we consume. But also as a way to access the information we. We’d to live our lives. Watch this space closely as it will redefine the future of advertising and marketing and the way digital first businesses interact with their consumers. 

Some, including Microsoft are nameing this revolution conversations as a platform and it will redefine the way we interact with each other and with businesses and give rise to a new conversational commerce industry over the next 5 years. It is time to start paying attention to what is going on and getting ready to take advantage of this newly emerging opportunity in the next few years. Here are some recent nice reads I came across:

Read how Line is investing heavily in AI powered chatbots within messenger.

Facebook Messenger chief says platform’s 34,000 chatbots are finally improving user experience.

Facebook also recently opened their Messenger platform to chatbots sending out promotions and subscription-based messages … read about it here.

Here is a recent chatbot landscape published through VentureBeat.

Advertising is about getting people’s attention and marketing is simply turning needs into wants. Where is the attention? And what do people want? 

How can we interrupt them in moments they want to be interrupted with things they want to hear about and would miss if they were not there.



PS. I am now blogging via mobile so some of my posts maybe brief and to the point.

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