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All we have is each other

Seth Godin wrote:

All we have is each other

And that’s enough. It has to be.

It’s all we’ve ever had.

The challenge is in realizing this and working with it, even when we’re secretly hoping for something more, some external force.

You and me, kid, you and me and a few billion other folks.

We can treat each other as if it matters, because it does.

I want to believe this. And in all logical sense he must be right….right? I mean, when you break it all down and take out all the technology and all the stuff that is not important, all the stuff we do not want or need in our lives. What are you left with?

Technology is a tool to help us live our lives in happier, more meaningful and empowered ways. It should never become  our purpose or destiny. We need to transcend technology and go beyond its purpose, be better, rise above it and be human. For each other.



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