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Amazon’s relentless pursuit to concur retail

Here are some interesting facts about Amazon, which will make you smarter at the dinner table, your next meeting, conference or presentation…

● Amazon receives 44 cents of every dollar that Americans spend online.
● The next biggest online retailer, Ebay, gets about 6 cents of that dollar.
● In 2010, Amazon employed 33,700 people. It now employs more than 560,000.
● 3 years ago, Amazon was worth less than Walmart. Now, it’s 3x as valuable.
● Amazon owns less than 1% of worldwide retail. (Hint: It’s still day 1 for Jeff Bezos.)

And my personal favorite not in the article below:
● 6 weeks prior to Jeff Bezos registering, he registered (Type it into your browser and see where it leads)

☛ that should give you an idea of what is going on in his mind.

Time will tell but here is a prediction: Jeff Bezos and Amazon is the John D Rockefeller and Standard Oil of the 21st century and about to be broken up due to antitrust and monopolistic behavior.


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