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Amsterdam Institute of Global Health and Development

As I write this now I am on the eve of joining an organization called (Amsterdam Institute of Global Health and Development), which is very closely tied with a foundation umbrella called It is a research umbrella run by some extraordinary people. It is part of a large consortium of organizations designed to provide sustainable solutions to major health problems across our planet, by forging synergies between disciplines, health care delivery, research and education. Tomorrow, I will hit the ground running with a symposium where I hope to assist in launching the first hookworm vaccine in Gabon, Africa – a disease that affect 700 Million people worldwide and is very taxing on the healthcare systems and the people suffering from the disease.

Watching this video will give you a good idea of what the vision is at PharmaAccess, AIGHD and the consortium of foundations setup to facilitate a better and more effective healthcare system in Africa.

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