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Apple to take on mHealth sector with HealthBook and iWatch

Rumors are spreading that Apple will be launching a new App in its next iOS update called HealthBook. The app will work with medical sensor devices to track many useful health metrics like food intake and calories consumed, activity and calories burned, weight gain/loss, distance covered, glucose levels, temperature, pedometer, galvanic skin response sensor, blood oximeter, blood pressure, hydration levels, heart rate, medication tracking and much more. It will likely launch with the release of the sensor-laden iWatch which will be linked to the iphone via bluetooth, which can then be processed and recorded locally and in the cloud for remote monitoring.

It will compete with Nike’s FitBit health band however Apple CEO Tim Cook still sits on Nike’s Board of Directors…so well placed for collaboration.Also, last December, high-ranking Apple executives met with FDA Commissioners over “mobile medical applications,” strongly hinting that a so-called iWatch with health-centric features is well into development. Tim Cook stated last year:

“the whole sensor field is going to explode.” “It’s a little all over the place right now… with the arc of time, it will become clearer,”

Apple also does not seem to be too interested in developing all of the hardware to this iPhone app and the iWatch, creating an enormous opportunity for current manufactures to plug into the app and increase business.

By leveraging the existing iPhone user base, Apple’s plans for a health and fitness-focused version of iOS and the potential of an advanced, sensor-packed wearable computer could allow it to re-invent yet another critical industry.

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