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10xSpeaker – Awake the Speaker in You

Last week I launched #10xSpeaker with the mission to Awake the Speaker in You. Over 30 applicants so far 👉 100% #FREE Speaker Trainings.

These full-day inspirational & motivational speaker trainings are going to be a lot of fun. Bring your sneakers as they are going to test you 😉

Signup free at

Whether you are ready to take part or thinking about becoming a better speaker, or maybe you have a keynote coming up… signup and let me know.

The next 10xSpeaker training is coming soon and I will do at least one per month each involving about 20 participants. (Available in the Netherlands for now)

So get in early, first come first serve. 👍

I will show you exactly how I achieved the #1 spot on the Top10 Speakers list for 2019 and how I was selected as the fastest growing speaker for 2018 in the Netherlands… in just 4 months and starting from zero 😉

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