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Being yourself is one of the keys to being a great speaker.

Being yourself and doing things your way is one of the keys to being a great speaker. So many people and even speakers try to be, or be like, someone else. We often follow the status quo because we think this is what people want.

But as a audience participant all you want to see is a speaker being their true selves with a powerful message you can’t wait to hear.

At the first 10xSpeaker training day, the stage setup, flip chart and technology was not “ideal” and it did not comfort to the status quo of what some would expect from a podium.

But one of the mindsets of our enabler STUDIO.WHY is NoStatusQuo and one of my mindsets as a speaker is NoProblem.

Put these 2 mindsets together and there are literally NoProblems. Only opportunities to solve in a effortless and enjoyable way and this is how I presented on the first 10xSpeaker podium where I had to get down on my knees and even lie down on the podium while playing one of my favourite songs to the audience “In My Mind” -> where everything starts for all of us.

Thank you Bianca for this interesting photo. Hilarious & Serious at the same time 🙂

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