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Build relationships through technology

The best minds of our generation, are trying to figure out, how to get people to click more ads…and that kinda sucks. But, to make things worse…In a mobile environment, the only ads people want to see, are the ads they would miss if they were not there.

Its time businesses and brands woke up and realized that technology is driving a new era in relationships. Before the Internet era, people use to visit stores more often to make their purchases and engage in real person to person relationships. But now people are demanding to make purchases via the Internet and through technology for many, many reasons…

Businesses and brands need to realize that people consuming over the Internet are in a relationship with whomever they are interacting with. This relationship is now happening through technologies likes websites and apps. And it’s largely happening on mobile devices and will continue to happen more and more within mobile environments for a very simple reason: Humans are highly mobile.

How long can we keep interrupting people with ads they do not care about and do not want to see?

How long will it take before brands start to realize that the key to targeting relevant ads people “want” to see is through understanding the relationship they have with any given consumer and this relationship can be understood through the digital trail that is left behind from technology.

When will brands realize that using technology to personalize relationships, build unique experiences, empowering people with valuable items like “time” and helping them live happier lives is the key to success in this digital era, and that this can be accomplished by building technology and using the data to nurture relationships.

When will companies start to realize that it is the data that is their most valuable business asset when it comes to a digital consumer. That data is our new oil. That data is a our new currency in this digital economy.

So how to engage in a relationship through technology with a highly mobile human being, that is highly social, highly connected and highly impatient…

Well it’s certainly not by serving up a slow and cumbersome non-mobile friendly website that crashes and/or blocks the user from doing what they need to do. That’s a relationship killer.

How many times will a person undergo such “digital abuse” before they break of the relationship with your business and/or brand and go to the next guy that offers a better relationship through technology? Not many…

Your most loyal customer is one deal away from leaving you forever.

Start understanding the digital landscape and build your proposition to make people happier in their lives. Meaningful connections is a digital compass that helps you navigate this digital landscape. Questions? Let me know.




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