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comScore 2015 App Report: Google Search App #4 in popularity

The 2015 US mobile app report from comScore just came out. It looks at the popularity and user behavior of the top apps on the US market. Lets take a look at some of the highlights.

Digital media usage time is predominantly being driven by mobile apps.

2015 Mobile App Market share



Smartphone apps are grabbing market share and now at 44% of all digital media time and 71% of all mobile time.

App time market share for 2015



Desktop loosing market share to mobile. Now 2/3 of all digital media time spend on mobile, 1/3 on desktop.

Desktop loosing market share



It is smart phone apps that are driving the growth (not tablet apps)

Smartphone app market share



It’s mobile that is driving the digital growth

Digital growth driven by mobile



Mobile friendly webpages are growing faster than apps (for now)

Mobile friendly web pages growing faster then apps



Audience building and content access is lead by mobile friendly webpages. This will change with in-App indexing in 2016!

Check out in-app indexing. It allows you to drive search engine visitors directly into your App and access the content within it. Most do not do this yet, but this will change now that Apps are driving digital media market share.

Content access



Google search app has a #4 placement and is the only search app in the top 25 US apps.

The Google search app is also the fastest growing at 16% YoY which is faster than all top 5 (Facebook 9%, Google Play 7%)

Top 25 Apps in the US



The Google Search app is present on 30% of user home screens and is second only to Facebook.

Google Search App on Home Screen



Google Search App is a utility, not a pass-time. Only 1.5% of app time* is spend in Google Search app

*Millennials’: 18-34 years old.

When measuring time spend in apps, the Google search app is not a big contender with only 1.5% of all time spent on mobile apps. But this would make sense as people would come to the app only for search needs and spend the majority of their time on social apps like Facebook, which is what the data shows.

Time in Google Search app



Purchase intent is very strong on mobile – a statistic to take note on!

Mobile purchase intent



Maps is #3 App content category – an important consideration for local search

Map apps gaining popularity



You can download the free comScore report here 2015 US Mobile App Report.

Inspiration for this article was from Greg Finn’s post on Search Engine Land.

All images used courtesy of comScore.

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