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Content Brand Pyramid by Dennis Goedegebuure

Dennis Goedegebuure is speaking at Friends of Search 2017 #fos17 today and Dennis has a strong SEO background where he headed up SEO for eBay and Airbnb.

Here is the LUMPS framework he works with when approaching SEO which he developed at eBay and Airbnb.

He started by talking about every pyramid has a story. And he adopts the pyramid as a métaphore to build his framework.

Build content that build trust! In this way you build a stronger relationship with your customers. Building content that is so good and so engaging that people will share it for you. 

For example, Airbnb went to neighborhoods and told the story of neighborhoods buy building guides and launched them quietly on the airbnb website and linked them to different sections of the website. 

The Airbnb content strategy approach: Create EPIC content that builds trust and established presence in a community. 

He detailed an example of their Berlin Wall 25th anniversary content campaign. Here is the video bringing their content story together:

This content was amplified by people and media outlets globally and resulted in Wall & Chain owning 2,5% of the share of voice on the 25th anniversary of the breakdown of the Berlin Wall.

To summaries:

Here We’re some questions from the audience:

The budget for the Airbnb Berlin Wall content campaign was 2,2 million dollars! 🙂

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