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Could Google Glass be the next big innovative disruption?

Could Google Glass be the next big innovative disruption? This is one of the questions I am asking myself. Looking at the bigger picture, I feel it is an attempt by Google to take away mobile market share from competitors. The device is designed to free data from desktop computers and portable devices like phones and tablets, and place it right in front of your eyes. Once people adopt this device, Google will control a new behavioral space and an ecosystem that could disrupt the Apple’s iPhone and other popular mobile devices. The key here is that Google glass will work best with Android applications and will sync with Google Drive meaning to take full advantage of the device, you will need to have an Android phone and make use of your Google account and its products. This is very similar to what Apple did with its iPhone and connecting it up with iTunes for music, apps, podcasts…etc.

Google glass could be available for purchase as yearly as the end of 2013. So this device could be a major game changer in 2014. All the competitors in the mobile space are of course coming up with their own mobile eye wear devices and it will be interesting how they fair up with Google.

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