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To delete Facebook or not to delete Facebook? That is the question for many…

Is it time we deleted Facebook from our phones?

Or maybe #deletefacebook account altogether?

We have WhatsApp right? Is that not enough?

WhatsApp is where most of us nurture our meaningful relationships on any given day. The rest we outsource to Facebook, Instagram and email.

There are some heavy Facebook and Instagram users but even these people are feeling used and manipulated on/by these platforms when it comes to their time and attention and the data that is being collected on them and resold for ridiculous amounts of profit that they don’t even get to share in except for the use of some cool tools that steel their time and manipulate their perception on the world for good and bad.

But wait… even WhatsApp and Instagram are owned by Facebook. How do we escape their grip and strangle hold on our lives? Should we?

I guess you got to give it to Facebook and MarkZuckerberg for having the foresight and the courage to pay $19 Billion for WhatsApp in Feb 2014 at a time the company was 50 nerds coding in Silicon Valley at a revenue loss. Just about everyone though he was crazy at the time. Probably still is now. That’s what makes him brilliant.

Not to mention #Instagram which he basically stole at 1 Billion acquisition price … now worth over $100 Billion.

Weekend is upon us. Enjoy it with friends and family and nature. Work on your health. Work in the garden for those looking forward to the coming spring. Life goes on…

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