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Domain Name Industry Outlook

Here are the key take home messages from’s state of the Domain Industry report where 17 leaders in the industry gave their thoughts on 2013/2014 and beyond:

  • Its going to be about BRANDS and you should be holding domains with brandable value and domains with clear value to end users.
  • gTLDs are the biggest industry disruptor of the past years without a doubt.
  • Drop low value sub-premium long tail domains that do not have much value to end users…they will continue to loose value.
  • Take note of the registry running the gTLD you want to invest in. Go for ones that have sound sustainable business plans.
  • Keep away from gTLDs with highfixed cost renewal rates or recurring premium renewal rates.
  • Stick to what you know (eg. ccTLDs)
  • Build businesses from your best domains and do not rely solely on domaining as a business model.
  • Future is too uncertain to gamble or domains. Let business models drive your decisions, not gut feelings.
  • 2014 is a year of change in the domain industry, so you must be willing to change with it and adapt.
  • Watch out for Bitcoin, it may have a role to play in asset payment and transfers for the industry.
  • Short acronyms are a good investment.
  • Exact-match domain phrases are loosing ground. Search engine algorithms are too smart now for these domains.
  • Do not buy solely on PPC stats as these stats are fading and may not be a selling metric in the future.
  • Good domains sell themselves.
  • SPAM will be a growing issue with gTLD owners trying to sell their domains
  • Most gTLDs will fail as investment vehicles for buyers, so be careful which ones you invest in.
  • Pay attention to the consumer (the end users) as they will be the best measure of whats hot and what not.
  • Legal issues are going to rise in this market and possibly explode.
  • Big Data will play an increasing role in monetization and value of domains and extensions.
  • Mobile will continue to penetrate.
  • gTLDs will lead the way in TLD/Domain innovation.

These are just a few take home points. Certainly an interesting period ahead. The one certainty is change. Make sure you remain flexible in your thinking, lean into sound business opportunities and most importantly watch the consumer trends, as they will drive the dollars in the long run.

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