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Facebook is rolling out job postings and applications

A cool opportunity is unfolding in the recruitment sector as Facebook enters the job market. Facebook is rolling out job postings and applications to help companies recruit talent and help people connect with their dream jobs.

Employers will be able to post jobs directly to their Facebook Page allowing followers and fans to apply directly from the page. This is likely going to have a huge impact in the recruitment sector and possibly take some market share  away from LinkedIn.

Application forms will automatically populate with the user’s data providing yet another way for Facebook to gain very valuable and personal data about their users. Users are encouraged to add data to their profiles and job seekers should see the value in sharing detailed profile data with Facebook, which of course will be used by Facebook to serve more relevant advertising (yes, this is the ulterior motive and why Facebook is doing this).

Upon submission, application forms will be sent directly to the employers/ recruiters Facebook messenger chat app and allow for a direct communication channel via chat to help build a direct relationship.

I am curious to know if/how Facebook will listen in on these conversations in order to enrich their data and target more relevant ads.

And the best thing is that posting a job is free for employers, and there’s no limit to how many posts a Page can have! Companies have been using their pages for some time now to advertise job openings but now it’s about to get a lot simpler.

The news is not so great for LinkedIn, which charges recruiters to post and promote jobs on its platform. And with Facebooks reach and engagement stats, LinkedIn will have to pivot fast and adapt. It may mean cheaper listings on LinkedIn soon. Time till tell.

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