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FBI now has access to hack all your devices

This weekend, something happened that is a milestone in internet security and privacy. The FBI has been granted access to hack millions of devices in the US or abroad if linked to any cyber attacks or criminal offense with a warrant.

Judges will now be able to issue warrants that allow the FBI to remotely access electronic devices anywhere in the United States and possibly even abroad. Previously, judges could only issue warrants to computers in their jurisdictions, rarely larger than a few counties.

And this law does not only allow the FBI to access any one device, but millions of devices at any one time if they are all involved in some criminal affairs.

This would give the US government unprecedented authority to hack into the personal phones, computers and any device for that matter of millions of Americans in their own country or even abroad.

“one judge with one warrant would be able to authorize the hacking of thousands, possibly millions of devices, cell phones and tablets.”

Earlier in the week Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell wrote a blog post in support of the changes and addressed people’s fears that the FBI would take advantage of the new rules to violate their privacy. She wrote:

The possibility of such harm must be balanced against the very real and ongoing harms perpetrated by criminals – such as hackers, who continue to harm the security and invade the privacy of Americans through an ongoing botnet, or pedophiles who openly and brazenly discuss their plans to sexually assault children.

I wrote recently on The Internet becoming the next weapon of mass disruption/destruction – In this article I also mentioned the recent cyber attack of last October on the Internet of Things and how Government will take fast and under the radar action to secure their boarders and minimize the risk of a major or damaging cyber attack. Well it is happening. The US is going to forever change and now with Trump in power this could tighten up even more.

Probably a good think as we are likely headed to some very stormy and destructive cyber attacks in the near future. Its not a matter of if but a matter of when. Watch this space. Cyber security is about to become a topic of major debate and concern. A lot more then what it has been in the past.

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