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Finding your purpose and inspire others

Some of you that know me know that I am a fan of Simone Sinek. He is gathering tremendous support from millions of people world-wide for his view on what leadership and management should look like. He has written a number of books and given many presentations on his beliefs, which you can find easily by searching his name.


The reason for the support in his views is the dissatisfaction and fear many of us feel with work, our leaders and society in general with the way we form relationships with people and brands in our lives. Start with why starts within yourself. Its about what you believe. We are all leaders and all have the opportunity to inspire others to take action and live more purposeful lives. It’s about finding and communicating purpose and direction in life and inspiring others to take action, knowing that you are there to support them and share their beliefs.

It is not to be imposed on others but instead to be shared with others and if they see the value and believe equally to your cause, they will decide for themselves to join you in your crusade. But the philosophy goes deeper. Not knowing why you do something is cheating yourself out of the pleasures and purpose of life. You can chose not too believe and that’s your choice. Some prefer not to know. Some even make up stories to explain their why. Think of religion and the bible. It gives you purpose and meaning in life and how you live it. Its a wonderful thing for those that hold this belief. Having a why like a religion or any form of belief or purpose to live or do what you do is part of human nature. We crave it as human beings. We crave a higher meaning in our lives. A purpose. A calling. Some have it and are not aware of it. Others are afraid to go there due to fear of knowing and fear is a powerful thing. Everyone is unique. Everyone has a right to live their own life the way they want. Some have a why and some don’t. Life is short but what it can achieve is limitless. Use it wisely. Start with why and find your belief an purpose and live your life with this as your north star. Or choose not too if that makes you happier.

I encourage you to watch the following videos to understand the philosophy behind start with why. You can start by watching his award winning TED talk that to date has been watched well over 30 million times across TED and Youtube, Vimeo channels.


There is also another very powerful video from Simon Sinek that goes deeper into the human biology of start with why. “Why leaders eat last” is a great presentation that reveals the hidden dynamics that inspire leadership and trust in biological terms. There is a biology behind why we do the things we do and its fascinating!

Enjoy and if you liked this there are many other videos you can dig up on youtube about Simon Sinek.

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