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Free gigabit WiFi kiosks … a smart move by telecom


A very smart move by British Telecom in the UK to install free gigabit WiFi kiosks around London to replace its outdated payphone booths.¬†They can now provide free gigabit WiFi and calls and everything else… free! Monetize with advertising and data and be remarkable. Great branding and a new outdoor digital billboard medium for smarter programmatic advertising powered by smart algorithms that deliver meaningful advertising to the people paying attention at any given moment. They can also sell sensor data to 3rd parties for IoT purposes…. both government and private. Lots of other possibilities. Just think of connected cars in congested areas all needing connections and bandwidth…This follows a similar initiative in New York called Links kiosks by Sidewalk Labs (an Alphabet/Google company).

Be remarkable! What if they projected 3D holograms of human virtual assistants helping people that walked by with answers to their questions. Helping tourists find their way, helping people find the best restaurants in the area, shopping discounts, cultural events…etc. In emergency situations, people could ask for help. Drones could service the areas over the kiosks delivering products people order via virtual hologram assistants. The possibilities are endless.

This is just a smart move toward making people and customers happier. Give them what they want…free, unlimited and very fast internet access so they are empowered to do anything they want. Monetize via data through programmatic digital advertising and selling IoT data to third parties and providing connections to whoever or whatever thing needs them. Build in remarkable experiences like hologram virtual assistants that service pedestrians and tourists. I am sure that these kiosks could find many more purposes in time. I wander when they will come to Amsterdam?

Check out what PepsiCo is doing in the YouTube video below. Be remarkable! Tell your story via technology like Augmented and Virtual reality. Give people something to talk about and share in social media. Let them tell your story and infect others with how awesome your brand is. Its contagious. It works.


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