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Friends of Search 2017 – Wrap-ups and links to presentations

It was the second time I attended Friends of Search and must say it was a really great event this year with a great line-up of speakers. There were noticeably more people than last year and I felt people connected better with each other this year. Maybe the more we come together at events like this the more we becoming friends 🙂

I ended up blogging the presentations I listened to for some strange reason. These were basically my notes, which I recorded in WordPress’s mobile app and basically hit the publish button at the end of each presentation I attended.

The only presentation I attended and did not blog was the one from Marty Weintraub – but that was because it was too funny! That guy was hilarious 🙂

So i noticed that some of the speekers shared their presentations via Twitter and slideshare and thought I would bring them together in this post for anyone looking for them.

Here are some links:

Gary Illyes

My blog: Friends of Search 2017 – Gary Illyes on Search in 2017 at Google

Aleyda Solis

My Blog: Importance of security online – How to migrate to HTTPS by Aleyda Solis

Her Slides: Moving to HTTPS: Tips for Success #FOS17 from Aleyda Solís

Matthew Phelan and Mark Tapper

My blog: Connecting the physical and digital customer by Matthew Phelan

Michael Briggs

My blog: Scalable data driven SEO content by Michael Briggs

Dennis Goedegebuure 

My blog: Content Brand Pyramid by Dennis Goedegebuure

His Slides: Content Brand Pyramid from Dennis Goedegebuure

 Tor Thompson

My blog: Characterizing Search with Tor Thompson from Microsoft Bing

Ryan Fitzgibbon

My blog: Man & Machine – the role of automation in marketing by Ryan Fitzgibbon

Arianne Donoghue

A presentation I missed: Moving Towards Audiences in a Keyword-Based World.

Her Slides: Moving Towards Audiences in a Keyword-Based World – Friends of Search 2017 – Arianne Donoghue from Arianne Donoghue

Jes Stiles 

Another presentation I missed but would have also liked to see fro Jes Stiles on VR marketing.

Her Slides: Friends of Search – VR Marketing from Jes Stiles

Jarno van Driel

Here is the prezi presentation by Jarno van Driel on Sirviving the machine revolution and how to become a digital marketer.

And of course one of the highlights of the day was the release of study from IAB & DDMA. This study is worth checking out and taking a read. Here is the link to the download: IAB & DDMA REPORT ON PAID SEARCH ADVERTISING 2015-2016

They also place the content in a slideshare: IAB Netherlands & DDMA – Report on Paid Search Advertising from IAB Europe

And finally here are some blog wrap-ups from people and agencies that are becoming available and I will add them here as they do (feel free to contact me so I can add a link):

Blog from Marketing Tribune with 5 take home highlights from Judith Nissen.
Blog from on the SEO highlights of the day by Beau Feijen.

Blog wrap-up from Nochii.

Two blogs from – one event wrap-up by Marthe Verpoucke and the other by Brechtje Van Houtum on the future of SEO.

Blog wrap-up from by Daniel de Kruijf.

Blog by on the future of marketing by kai-Arne Carras.

Was surprised how many people took the time to do an event write-up. Some nice blogs! Well done.

If anyone knows of some decks, links or handy resources to compliment this post do let me know.

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