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Google Home adds shopping via Google Express

Last night Google launched a new shopping feature to their Google Home device called Google Express. Google Express itself is not new as has been around for a couple of years now known as Google Shopping Express.

Here is the official Google Express page from Google.

The renewed Google Express gives a user the ability to shop, order and purchase by simply speaking to their Google Home device and the Google assistant will take care of fulfillment at participating retailers in the US.  This is very similar to what Amazon has with their Amazon Echo and the Alexa assistant.

Just about any home essentials can be ordered through Google Express and its current 50+ partner retailers. This is the time for retailers to get serious and ensure they are connecting their stores to these newly emerging distribution channels.

How does it work? Speaking out loud “Ok Google, order paper towels” will have the assistant list options and prices or revert to your predefined choice from an earlier order. Once you select the product via voice, saying yes or no will list more option and saying these twice will add it to your shopping basket.

All payment and shipping setting are defined within your Google account.

Popular stores include Costco, Whole Foods Market, Walgreens, PetSmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond. A full list is available through a simple Google search.

If you live in the US and wanted to get started with Google express you will need a Google home device which you can order here.

Google Shopping Express is not new. In June 2014 Google announced it via this video on Youtube:

Just for fun…here is a video Google published last year for their traditional April fools joke on Google Express… 🙂

Expect to hear a lot more about Google Home and Google Express over the coming years. This will (in time) transform retail and it has started already. Amazon and Google are leading the transformation. It will not replace retail completely, but there will take an increasing segment of the market especially for everyday consumer good and these technologies will quickly connect with home appliances to service them and keep them full. Think of the fridge….Amazon and Google want to keep it full for you.

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