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Google reveals Google Home at recent Google I/O 2016

At the recent Google I/O, a significant announcement was made with the release of Google Home which should hit the market later this year. Google Home is a voice-activated home device that allows you and your family to get answers from Google, stream music, and manage everyday tasks. It is very similar and competes with Amazon Echo and will connect and sync to devices like smartphones, Google cast and Nest to power agenda’s, TV and your home while allowing you quick access to information.

Google’s SEO also announced at Google I/O that 20% of all mobile search (10% of all searchers) are now voice activated and predictions from the latest internet trends report estimate that by 2020, over 50% of all searchers will be voice activated.

Check out what Google Home looks like and how it will work:

You can read more about Sundar Pitchai’s vision on where he wants to take Google here.

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