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Google’s AI will come in the form of a harmless assistant – your assistant

I recently wrote about Google always having had the vision of building an AI (Artificial Intelligent being), which most call a virtual assistant (VA) but I like to call an IA (Intelligent Assistant). Google’s vision is to build an AI/IA that will be your’s. That is why their assistant does not have a name as opposed to Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon) and Cortana (Microsoft) who all have names. Its your assistant! And who do you trust more then your personal assistant with all of your information and data? After-all, it is your assistant that will save you time and help you work and live your life. Get it?

Watch how the new google personal assistant will work:

This assistant will embed into every Google product. Every device, every App, every platform. It will link devices, apps and platforms together. It will understand your context, your needs, your history, your location, your friends and family and it will be able to know and predict what you will need in the future based on your behavioral patterns and habits. The below keynote from Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) and the Google team will demonstrate how the Google assistant works in different devices.

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