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Here is how I try to maintain a lean or zero inbox

One week into 2018 and I am still at #InboxZero 😃

How do I do it? Here are my 12 tips:
1. Long emails tend to remain in in-boxes, so keep replies as short as possible to help others reach a #LeanInbox
2. Focus on whats important right now.
3. Only answer where essential.
4. Report Spam to our algorithmic lords so they can zap it at its source (G-mail is awesome).
5. Un-subscribe from any email list that brings you no value.
6. Block any email senders who bring you no value.
7. Move conversations to messengers where possible as chat is a space where conversations are short and to the point (efficient).
8. Ask someone in person if its a trivial question and they are within walking distance.
9. Get up early, and spend the first block of the day thinking about what is important for you to achieve on that day. #focus (my block is 2 hours)
10. Ignore or say no to anything that is not going to help you, the person you are trying to help, or the purpose of why the discussion is happening in the first place (organizational/project needs).
11. Turn off all notifications and have all technology in do-not-disturb mode.
12. Relax and want less by focusing on your needs and the needs of others and good things will come to you.

Can you add to this list? Please do…

Cheers and have a great start to the year.

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