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How are you challenging your time?

This is a bit of a philosophical ponder I started writing last week and decides to finish it off and publish it. Its nice sometimes to reflect and be critical about how you are using your time. Are you challenging your use of time? Does it fit well with your grander purpose in life?

I was in Paris recently and dined with a dear old friend at a fantastic French restaurant. Food, service and ambiance was excellent, which set the seen for a wonderful discussion about what keeps us moving forward in life and more specifically – how are we challenging our time?

We both have families, married with three children. Family always comes first. When we got into the topic of providing for our families, the discussion moved into what we do when using our most precious resource: Time.

Most of us use our time like it was a never ending resource. This approach is not just wasteful but downright shameful. Time is our most precious resource and its limited to the second. Every second that ticks by is a second we lose forever and never get back. So we must use it wisely. We do not even know how much time we have and for many, time is stolen from them prematurely though disease and death.

But what to do with the time given to us? How to use it most efficiently so that both you and your family get the most out of it? It comes down to making choices on how to use it properly. These choices need to be based on the direction you want to take in your life, for yourself, and for your family.

To make this decision you need some level of self-awareness and understanding about yourself. We often do stuff because others tell us to. We follow orders because others tell us to. We stop thinking and we just follow in the hope that others will define success for us and lead us there. Applying self awareness to understand what you want to achieve in live is so critical. It allows you to ask the right questions and make the right decisions and not let others decide what is best for your life. It allows you to define what success means for you and not let others do this.

You must also challenge yourself in using your time in ways that fit with your ambitions in life. And not let others make this decision for you. This requires you to be self-aware of what you want in life. What is your purpose? What do you want to achieve?

Most of us think that setting a goal and working our way towards that goal, achieving it and then reflecting on it will bring us happiness and fulfillment in life. This is often an illusion and turns out to be a disappointment. In this mindset we end up questioning ourselves and asking ourselves: Was that it? What just happened? Why did I do it? Now what?

Disappointment kicks in as we start to realize that the journey continues and we need to do it all over again. We need to challenge ourselves once more… and this never stops. Because when it does, this is when life takes a turn for the worse, happiness leaves us and anxiety kicks in. Because this is the point where we stop using our time efficiently and life slips away from us. Basically we start to waste our time.

The key is to make ever step of your journey the goal you are seeking. To challenge yourself in ever moment, ever second, every day, in ways that reward you with challenges, fulfillment, love, health, freedom and happiness. To be in the moment and understand that it is this moment that you are ultimately out to achieve in life. Life is made up of all these moments and in the end you achieve your goals for yourself and your family and everyone around you and leave this world fulfilled with no regrets, but a journey and story you would have not wanted any other way.

And let go of entitlement. Its highly over-rated. People that feel entitled to things in life are always disappointed when these things leave them or never come to them. If you do not feel entitled to anything, life becomes a much happier place.



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