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How to become Awesome – The secret to Awesomeness!

I tell my team every day: Performance is a side-effect of just being Awesome.

So recently I presented on the topic of “Awesomeness” in front of the 100 or so consultants at my agency where I am the strategy director. It was a topic in the context of successful YouTubers and Vloggers and how they manage to find success online with the communities they service. Awesomeness is a quality they have and its defined by 3 major pillars that result in one being Awesome.¬†Awesomeness

The 3 pillars of Awesomeness (which I invented BTW :)) are:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Talent
  3. Courage

1. Authenticity is the ability to open yourself up to any relationship and just be yourself. This is a key component of relationship building. It brings you respect and trust and makes you likable. People like to associate with authentic people that are not trying to scam them into a deal. Its about putting someone else first, before your own interests and trying to see the world through their eyes and letting them know that they come first. Its about empathy. Authenticity is the ability to build and nurture quality relationships. We do it every day with our friends and family. Why not with our colleagues and clients?

2. Talent is about having something people want. Everybody has talent. Everybody! The key is to find it at an early stage and develop it into something remarkable that others want. Once it is mature enough to be useful to others, they will want it and want to associate with you because you have something they now want. Talent needs to be identified and nurtured into something of value for others. Everyone has talent. Its not the same for everyone and the key is to find it and nurture it. It is closely related with passion and what turns you on in live. Because building talent takes time and patience before it blossoms, and this means you need to stick wit it long enough for it to work. Finding your passion, finding what you love to do, finding your purpose in life, will help you in finding your talent and developing it.

3. Courage is everything else. Its the courage to work hard, face fear, get back up when you fall flat on your face, sacrifice, dedication, commitment, determination, never giving up, understanding that failure is the path to success, standing up for what you believe in and being brave. Its all of these things. For a vlogger or YouTuber, its getting behind the camera and opening yourself up to the world (being authentic) and having the courage to show your talent and take the good with the bad and understanding that not everyone will like it and want it. Because everyone is different and people believe in different things. But for the ones that do like it, you become their hero, something they want to have in their lives, something that gives them the courage to face their fears and be successful like they see you. They want to become awesome like you and will follow you in the hope that your awesomeness will rub off on them in time if they follow your advice.

I lead a team of consultants at Traffic4u and I want to bread awesome consultants that our client will want to work with because they are authentic and can nurture incredible relationships, they have the talent that the clients want, and they have the courage to stand up for what they believe in, work hard and be brave. Be Awesome!

So remember this: Performance is a side-effect of just being Awesome.



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