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How to create awesome content that drives action with the 3 P’s

I often find myself advising my team, and anyone for that matter on how to create content that drives the desired action in the person consuming it. I am actually writing this blog post to solve my own problem. Next time someone asks me, I can send them to this post 😉

When communicating anything that is intended to drive action in another other person, you need to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and understand their perspective and what they want. 

Remember this simple rule: Its not about what you want. It’s about what they want. 

Convincing another person to take action can only be achieved if they believe within themselves that it is something they want. So really, what you are trying to do is get someone to believe in your story and convince themselves that it’s best for them. And the best way to do that is to address a pain or problem they have and help them solve it.

This methode helps you approach the communication by first identifying the pain someone is feeling, and showing them the potential that exists to get rid of this pain, backed up with proof that it actually works. It works for all types of content and communications from writing an article, a presentation, an email, a blog to audio and video content as it digs into the way we tick as human beings.

It’s called the Pain, Potential, Proof method or 3 P’s in short. The basic theory goes as follows:

First you identify and address the pain (or problem) you are trying to solve. This will speak directly to the person consuming the content and keep them consuming your content as you have identified their pain.

Once you have identified the pain or addressed the problem the reader is experiencing you move into the potential (or solution) to solve this pain or problem. This is very powerful as your addressing a need they have – to stop the pain or solve the problem. Here you show them how to solved the problem or get rid of the pain.

Finally you move onto the proof (the evidence) that the potential you have presented them actually works. Here you can use data in the form of results, case studies, testomonials or anything of this nature to convince the reader that the potential solution you are offering has worked for others just like them who experienced the same pain.

So what does this look like? Here is an example to should you how this works in practice.

Pain: Are you frustrated in not having access to the data you need to make more informed decisions for your business?

Potential: We have build a tool that allows you to connect to all of your favorite data sources and bring it where you need it automatically.

Proof: It’s only been 30 days since we launched this connector tool and the clients that have used it are seeing increadible returns. Client X connected data from their CRM and was able to create customer segments which resulted in a 300% increase in ROI within 7 days.

Brining it together: So no need to be frustrated any more. This connector tool will ensure you have access to the data you need, where you need it. Join other business owners who are impacting their bottom line through this awesome tool. And we will take care of the setup for you at no cost.

Pain – Potential – Proof (the 3 P’s) – try it out and let me know what you think!

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