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How to get visibility into competitor paid and organic keywords

Did you ever wander how it was posible to get visibility into competitor paid and organic keywords and more importantly how these keywords are converting for them so that you can identify new oportunities for your business?

An interesting piece of software entered the market this week from a San Francisco-based marketing analytics start-up called Jumpshot which can provide visibility on conversion data for both organic and paid search keywords for both your own website and that of your competitors.

Daren Baker, Jumpshot’s CEO said: “Ever since search engines encrypted search results, marketers have been in the dark about keywords, impacting not only the insight into their own search investments, but also their ability to unearth high converting keywords for their competitors.”

The company claims the software can identify keywords driving conversions to any website, from both natural and paid sources. The software can also give light on consumer behavior: what they search for, where they spend their time, what they do there, and how they get from place to place.

Here is a screenshot of what the software looks like:

Jumpshot Elite

Jumpshot Elite

The elite solution retails at $500/m so it’s not cheap, but there is a 14 day limited free trial that gives you some functionality to test. They also allow you to analyze the performance of any website from their home page which seems to return some pretty nice data: www.jumpshot.com

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