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I am leaving my family…

[This is my exit letter to my organisation at IPG MediaBrands, Traffic4u & bGenius …hope it inspires you in your moments to make better choices]

Subject: I am leaving my family…

Dear Family,

#Tomorrow I will move out.

I will #JustTry to face this crazy world we live in, which is both Terrifying & Beautiful at the same time. I don’t know what my future will bring. None of us do.

I wish you the very best in tackling the moments you are fortunate to share with yourself and others. You will find your purpose, meaning and essence in these moments. So tackle them wisely. Remember that life’s a stage and you are both the actor and director but not the writer. Who do you want to be in your stories? How do you want your stories to play out? That’s up to you and the choices you make in the moments you have.

I am leaving MediaBrands & Talent4u completely transformed for the better. I came with all the flaws at least most of us males suffer from: arrogance, ego and this perpetual desire for more. And I leave a humbled man, caring and conscious, with the desire to help others succeed and simply be grateful and happy for the amazing things they have already achieved (you know who I am talking about). The goal, for now, is to just #KeepTrying, everyday, consciously, patiently, with perseverance and courage. Create an ocean of good in this crazy world, drip by drip. That’s what this family taught me. It transformed me into the person I always was, but just never dared to be. #ForeverGrateful

I made an effort to meet and get to know just about all of you. It was challenging at times due to the challenges life and work bring to us, but these connections with family, friends and colleagues are what brings us meaning in life. They fuel our basic need to be heard, feel important and feel appreciated for the contributions we make to this world. Build and cherish these #MeaningfulConnections. And empower your clients to build them with their customers. Because if there is anything we need more of, it’s meaningful connections. Finding more, in less.

I can’t thank all 400+ of you individually in this update. But let’s work at nurturing the relationship we started and if we have not started yet, let’s #JustTry. You see, that’s the beauty of technology #NowWeCan.

There is one person I do want to thank for making these last 2.5 years in the MediaBrands family possible, challenging and rewarding. Yep, our beloved @RichardSmoorenburg, my manager and mentor. Now life is one big problem and millions of little ones all at once. But without problems there is no opportunity. Nothing to solve and no meaning to be earned. #Thankyou Richard for giving me the freedom, autonomy and support to do what I had to do. Build #MeaningfulConnections. It wasn’t always easy and sometimes extremely challenging but we worked through it, persevered, drip by drip, and I know that we left the organization a better place then how we found it. I will let you and everyone in the family be the judge of that. But it’s just the beginning, we are in the plumbing phase remember, and we just need to #KeepTrying.

Now I will not disappear. I am just moving out and not leaving you. We live is a hyper-connected world only a click away from each other. We are still family, it’s just different now.

And I couldn’t resist letting some of that Talent4u DNA shine through. It’s infectious and contagious. Assuming the Speakap has 25% active users in our organisations estimated 400 people, and my desire for a 100% conversion rate (you either like it or you don’t). And assuming you took the time to read through this far to break the headline reader status quo… should this post get 100 or more likes, I will organize a “borrel” in both Amsterdam and Groningen before the years end. Should it not reach the 100, I won’t. Simple right?

Now I will not be on the app to measure progress, so one of you is going to have to let me know. You can do so and find all the information you need about me on my personal website at

Cheers everyone!

and #Thankyou.



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