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Importance of security online – How to migrate to HTTPS by Aleyda Solis

At Friends of Search 2017 #fos2017 today listening to some expert presentations from international speakers. Aleyda Solis of Orainti is currently presenting and here are my notes. Aleyda is presenting on the importance of HTTPS and giving tips on doing a successful HTTPS migration.

Before you start your migration make sure you have your assets in order and know what you are migrating. Don’t mix this migration with other issues you are trying to fix or improve. Do it separately. Basically do not complicate it and take on too much at once.

Know what type of SSL cert you need! It does not need to be expensive. Some providers even offer SSL for free! Check with your domain registrar and hosting provider.

Know your pages and which ones are performing! You need to monitor these pages very closely as these are your important money making pages.

Make sure your SSL cert is working correctly before you migrate. 

Make sure you canonicals and hreflang URL as also updated to the HTTPS versions and generate a new sitemap that reflects all new HTTPS URLs.

Be very careful about pages linking to non-https pages. This can cause your content to not be shown to users in some browsers.

Make sure to update your redirects and make them 301. Also update your robots.txt with the correct URLs.

Validate your SSL and crawl and validate your desktop and mobile website.

In the crawl you can identify errors and old HTTP urls that need to be fixed. Look for 404 redirection errors and fix them quickly. There are many tools for this and I will come back and link to some of these tools.

Post migration is primarily about measuring and monitoring and fixing errors as they are identified. The quicker you fix these errors the better. You can be certain there will be some errors so do not worry about it. Large websites are challenging to migrate and it takes time to measure, monitor and fix errors.

But the most important part of a migration is being well prepared before to start.

Here were the questions asked by the audience after the presentation:

These questions came from an audience of 150-200 people and are real questions and problems webmasters and marketers are facing. 

If you need answers to these questions feel free to reach out to me and I will get one of my consultants at Traffic4U answer your question and help you out.

Since I posted this from mobile during the presentation, I will come back to it and add some links and tools to help you out.

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