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Life of a Speaker

Quick update for those of you following. This week I was in Vilnius, Lithuania meeting the one and only Eric Edmeades for something very special we will be announcing soon. (Hint: It’s the exponential evolution for #10xSpeaker 😉

This colorful photo was taken yesterday in Luxembourg as I was boarding my flight back to Amsterdam, where I am fortunate to be training the one of the largest Tax & Law firm in the world in speaking, presentation and communication skills.

I got this opportunity through a keynote I gave to them last October to 1200 people at their global summit.

Tomorrow, I am flying to New York for a conference in the sports business industry meeting my best friend and business partner from Australia and some of the biggest names in sports.

This is the life of a professional speaker. You get to travel the world, see amazing places, experience the wonders life has to offer and meet the most interesting people and cultures that just enrich you as a person and gives you interesting stories to tell. Just love this lifestyle.

But it’s so much more then this. It’s also about becoming a powerful communicator who is able to transfer ideas through stories and impact people lives in very meaningful ways.

Have you ever considered taking the leap to becoming an international speaker? Let me know if you have or are considering it as I am sure I can help you on your journey 🙂

PS. I may just write a bit more “blurbs” on my blog and social profiles. Feels natural.

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