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Machines are creating a new bread of artwork

Machine learning and artificial intelligence is advancing at lightning speed and here is an area of research that could disrupt the art industry, turning geeks and anyone for that matter into artists. Pretty amazing what these artificially intelligent machines are coming up with. Oh…and they are not programmed to do this … they actually learn it!


Forget the traditional photo filters, this takes art to a whole new level. These machine learning algorithms are pumping out artwork that resembles famous paintings. They use deep neural networks (a technique in machine learning) to look at images and photos to synthesize artwork that trigger emotions, similar to what we are use to with the famous paintings we cherish so dearly. An guess who is behind this project? Well Google of course. You can read about the research here. Oh, and did I mention this artwork can be produced in real-time? Using a technique known as style transfer, these images are generated by phone or web apps that allow a user to render their favorite picture in the style of a well known work of art.

It can be done by anyone directly from a smartphone in real-time…simply by pointing your camera and selecting the styling you want…Picasso? Van Gogh? Rembrandt? or a mixture of any of these and other artists!? You could easily create a masterpiece this way.

The output looks pretty amazing!!





You can read their full post on the Research Blog. Imagine social media with this level of sophistication!?

Entrepreneurs take note: Produce amazing visual content that is 100% unique and original through this machine learning artificial intelligence tool to build great artistic websites and blast it out into social media … I think you will get some likes and follows 🙂

Oh…and did I mention that Google has released all their machine learning tools to the public for anyone to innovate and do such work? – TensorFlow is an Open Source Software Library for Machine Intelligence


Imagine the possibilities?


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