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Man & Machine – the role of automation in marketing by Ryan Fitzgibbon

At Friends of Search 2017 (Twitter #fos17) today, Ryan Fitzgibbon talks on the role of technology and automation in marketing and what marketers need to know about the increasing level of automation that is evident around us and becoming more prominent in our work.

Systems like doubleclick are trying to make our lives as marketers easier by automating many of the repetitive tasks we deal with from our day to day. The don’t just make life easier but also enhance our marketing capability by performing highly advanced and integrated tasks that we struggle to do our-self.

But they can’t do everything. They need our help. They need us to be asking the right questions.¬†They need marketers to hold the creative and critical thinking part and to guide them as they attempt to product the desired outcomes for us (answer the questions).

They expect us to help them with data enrichment where data silos are present. Doubleclick for example allows us to upload business sensitive data to enrich the data collected through tracking user behavior in order to run more efficient campaigns.

But as marketers we do want to retain some control over the machines and the software. We also need some level of transparency when using these tools. Even though we are happy with the performance we still require some level of transparency and understanding of what is going on.

Finally we need some flexibility to customize to our specific needs. Campaigns and companies are not generic and marketers have highly custom needs that need to be catered for by technology.

The interaction between people and data is also key. Marketers need access to data and insights from data in order to make better business decisions and build strategies and tactics to drive performance and growth. But also to drive happier customers which is the ultimate goal of a business (IMO).

This data comes in many different forms and the output needs do be highly customizable based of the marketers needs.

Ryan had some very animated slides so it was hard to get the right shots to explain this story in details. But I am sure if you reach out to him via twitter he should be able to share the deck with you.

3 big Takeaways of this great presentation are:

Remember: Its our world. Its our future. The digital-first world we are building and automating is for us. We are building it for ourselves. What world do we want to build?

Marketing automation tools are just tools. They are tools to help us achieve more with our time and build relationships at scale through technology. They allow us to build these relationships at scale while holding some sort of quality in the messages we deliver. No one wants to see irrelevant advertising. That’s just annoying for most. Communicating meaningful messages that people care about and need in their lives is the goal.

We are building this future. What future do we want to build?

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