10xSpeaker Chris Baldwin

in Happiness, Philosophy

Meaningful work is changing something for the better.

What is meaningful work? Meaningful work is changing something for the better. For this we need people who care. People who get up in the morning with purpose and passion and the persistence to do the work that matters. People who choose to focus on the work they do and the change they make, and not on the inevitable fear and rejection they will face along the way.

Meaningful work takes courage and a big heart. It takes caring about others more than about yourself. Finding success through the success of others. Understanding that your success is not the goal. The change you are out to make is the goal and success is just a measure of that change.

Challenging culture, status quo and our social construct for the purpose of making things better is not easy. And it shouldn’t be. If it were we would all be doing it. If it were easy there would be no meaningful work out there. Just repetition. Doing the same thing over and over again with highly predictable outcomes.

The most meaningful work produces the greatest change for the better. It requires someone who is ready to die for their cause. Great people and great companies make change for a living.

What change are you out to make?

Would we miss you if you were gone?

Could you live with yourself if you didn’t try?

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