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Mobile & Security are very important to Google

Here are some important updates from Google around mobility and security that will affect the way they connect you to your existing and new potential customers.

A very relevant and potentially very important development is that Google is building a mobile-first index. If you are not on top of mobile and your website is not 100% mobile friendly you are a few years behind and need to catch-up fast. Make sure you read what google posted this week.

As we spend more time on mobile, App usage is going to explode. Apps are already substituting websites and App indexing has been around for a while now. It is clear where this is headed. Most of our time on mobile is spent in Apps and  Google is indexing the App world and understands that Apps can provide a superior experience for mobile users. This is very important for Google and through data, they will monetize this attention and behavior through advertising.

Building an App with great content, functionality and user experience will help you tremendously in search and give you a huge competitive edge moving forward. Apps are much more secure than websites and will become the preferred experience by many users (especially the newer Z generation who will hit adulthood in the coming decade) so you need to be considering now whether an App can supplement or even replace your website (in the near future).

The “website” will simply become a supportive conduit to your App were all the action and the relationships with your customers happen. Apps talk to Apps and work with each other to bring relevant information when the user needs it. As we enter the smart AI Bot driven world over the coming years (will take 3-5 years before it becomes significant) and conversation as a platform grows to a significant commercially viable channel, Apps (including messengers which are of-course apps) will become the preferred environment for most businesses and consumers on mobile devices. Mobile will become leading and we will move into a “mobile only” world where your mobile device (smart phone) will power all your screams including your television. It will become the hub and remote control of our digital lives.

The mobile app market is expected to grow 270 percent — from $70 billion in 2015 to $189 billion by 2020 — according to a new report by market researcher App Annie.


Also make sure to migrate to secure https connections for your website this year as next year popular browsers like Chrome will start showing security warnings to users if your pages are serving over unsecured http connections and exchanging sensitive information. This will have serious impact on conversion rates. Https is also a requirement for many of the new innovations like http/2, PWA…etc.

So it’s becoming a necessary investment into the future as more and more people connect via unsecured networks over wifi, 3G, 4G and soon 5G. Security and protecting personal information is becoming a major issue as I wrote recently. A few years from now, your chances of reaching your customers via insecure pages will approach zero. Make sure you Read this recent post from Google on the importance they are placing on secure webpages.

And Google Home is now available for purchase. This voice commanded smart home device which competes with the Amazon Alexa may change the way we “Google” information. Get ready for it by making sure the information you present to the web is consumable regardless of device or screen (Hint: think structured markup!) … it will be a challenge. But you need to start thinking about this now or you will miss the boat and your competition will sail to greater market share leaving you behind.

Click images below to what the Google Home promo video.

Google Home

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