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Mobile Crowdsourcing

It is estimated that 6 out of the 7 billion people on earth have access to a mobile phone. This currently far exceeds the number of people with an internet connection, which is estimated at 2.4 billion. Crowdsourcing is the ability to collect data from a large sample of people and what better way to do this then through the mobile phones of 6 billion people on earth? This is nothing new and is being performed extensively, but what is interesting is that we are finding innovative ways to use this new technology and add value to our lives.

Companies have come up with some innovating ways we are connecting mobile technology with crowdsourcing to enrich lives and gather up to date data which would be otherwise impossible. The possibilities are endless. We can predicting traffic congestion and locate accidents, predict weather through pressure measurements and identify natural disasters.

One of the more elaborate crowdsourcing projects that touches developing countries like Africa is being addressed by a company called TxtEagle who are developing a system in some African countries that enables people to earn small amounts of money by completing simple tasks on their mobile phone for corporations who pay them in either airtime or MPESA (mobile money).

What a great initiative and what a great space for advertisers to increase their reach and target consumers like never before. Crowdsourcing in a mobile context is one of the next big technology revolutions that will enrich our lives.

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