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My keynote at Accenture: In a world of AI & Technological Automation

Next Thursday evening (14th and evening before the next 10xSpeaker free professional speaker training), I have been asked to keynote at Accenture on the role AI & Automation is playing in our lives and work.

Within minutes, my subconscious gave rise to these 3 elements, which will likely be the red thread throughout my keynote:

At the core of the existence of intelligent machines – What are they doing for us?

1. They make our lives easier.
2. They make our lives faster.
3. They make our lives questionable.

Technological automation is inevitable. But it is a choice. A choice we need to make individually and collectively.

What will be left for us to do? What will our future look like in a world where human and soon machine built machines will have the ability to solve anything we allow them to solve? We’ve all watched the Matrix right? 🙂

What are your thoughts on technological automation and the role artificial intelligence should play in our lives?

Do you have examples you would like me to add to the keynote?

If you have not watched my TEDx talk yet, it’s actually about this topic and the choices we make in adopting the technology that makes our lives easier, faster and ultimately more questionable. 😉

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