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My MBA letter – Why I want to do an MBA?

I have ambitions to do an MBA in the coming years to sharpen my business and people skills. Here is a draft of my MBA motivation letter. Its a first draft and just wanted to share it with you as maybe this will inspire someone somewhere to take action.

Dear reader,

Thank you for taking the time to read my words and sharing in my thoughts… 

Why in the world would I want to do an MBA?

Good question. Let’s start there.

The simple answer: I love business. And we all want to care for the things we love.

Business to me is a way to scale impact. Impact in this world is found in many forms and business helps to manage the impact we are out to make. Create meaning, change lives and build a world worth living in.

Over the years I have tried, succeeded and failed many times over at building business. I see my failures as moments where I learned the most. A required process in any entrepreneurial journey. These failures are relative of course and many of the people who know me would go so far as to call them incredible successes. 

I know what it feels like to be a young millionaire. I also know what it feels like to be neck deep in debt. But above all, I know that these experiences are what shapes the knowledge and wisdom people need to become great entrepreneurs and transform into someone who knows how to truly build sustainable business by leaving the entrepreneur behind.

To me, these successes and failures were part of my journey as an entrepreneur to learn by doing. Only by applying our ideas do we really learn through experience and gain wisdom. My experiences have given me some wisdom to now move forward with greater confidence and take what I have acquired to a new level of meaning and impact I am seeking.

I will not bore you with my life story. A simple search will lead you to my Linkedin profile and personal blog where you can read all about that. What I will tell you about is the burning fire I have inside me to do great things. Not just for myself, but more importantly, for others. Helping others become successful and help them find meaning, purpose, success and happiness in their lives and work. Because the greatest leaders are people who can inspire others to take action that leads to success and happiness in life and in work. This fire is both a gift and a curse. But it’s real and I must deal with it. And I am not alone. I know you feel the same.

From my academic background, you can probably guess that I am in constant search for knowledge. But the more I learn, the less I know. Its frustrating but it is teaching me that knowledge is only useful when it is applied. I am not doing an MBA for the content as I know I can find this within the digital channels we have at our disposal in this digital era. I am doing an MBA more so to connect with the people who can teach me better ways to think about the content and business. Peers, colleagues, mentors, teachers, coaches form the connections and relationships needed to grow both individually and together. 

I am in search of better ways of thinking about business and ways to connect the dots in more holistic ways that allows me to do business with the grace of a young duckling swimming across a pond – working ever so hard beneath the surface at the risk of being eaten by something larger and hungrier; while demonstrating grace, ease and confidence above the surface as if it was second nature.

Hello tomorrow. Thanks for reading. 



PS. Need some help with your MBA letter? Let me know!

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