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My TED Talk: An unexpected journey…

It’s interesting where things lead when you start to make conscious choices from your gut and listen to those butterflies in your stomach.

After being invited to keynote for the Dutch Police on July 4, because the National Police Chief watched my TED talk, I had to re-watch it and it gave me goosebumps.

Did you know I prepared and delivered my first TEDx talk on the same day and I was sick in bed with a fever and lack of energy and voice?

They asked me the day before because someone else was sick said “no”. I even had my biggest (1200 people audience) and first ever paying keynote the day after my TED talk, which I needed to rest for. Even a Tedify expert I called said “Don’t do it!” – it goes on YouTube and a bad or under prepared talk can ruin your career as a speaker.

I had every reason to say “NO”. But I said YES.

What choices do you make when opportunities present themselves?

You know, I don’t believe opportunities actually present themselves. That’s one of the biggest and most dangerous miss-understandings you must rectify in order to reach the success you want for yourself.

Opportunity doesn’t present itself. It’s around you all the time. You create it. You create it through the choices you make. It’s completely up to you.

“The choice is yours.” – My first TED talk.

All of us struggle every day with our choices. The key is to just keep going.

Life is a journey. Learn along the way and just get better every day.

Things get better with action. Just keep grinding it out if you have to and fall in love the journey. Persistence and consistency pays off over time. Believe in yourself and be resilient and adaptive along the way.

Now go out there and make it happen. There is no finish line, no gold medal, no pat on the back, no expectations from others. There’s just a beginning and a middle. The beginning is the hardest and the middle needs to become your obsession. Love the journey… that’s all you get in life. And the beauty of it all is that it’s all up to you!

The choice is yours.

Keep going.

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