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Some not so random thoughts…

The future belongs to those who hear it coming … but owned briefly by those who build it.

We are all one species on this planet frantically trying to co-exist with other species. What differentiates us from each other, are our beliefs, wants and desires. The outcome of information we have been exposed to. Technology brings us closer together, but the information that flows through it, sometimes pulls us further apart. Technology is a wonderful thing, but beware its allure as the more you become dependent on it, the more it will start to shape you, your time, your attention, your beliefs, wants and desires.

Today, I chose to evangelize a present and future where technology helps us live happier, healthier and more productive lives and work hard to try and help others build towards this future with the right choices and actions.

Besides my amazing family and three incredible children, what I have been proud of recently is the privilege to work with some amazing people and brands on digital transformation, digital strategies and the mindset required to adapt to a digital age. I am so grateful for the rich and diverse story and background I have been blessed with through hardship, across so many industries, which is really the key that helps me cheat, and unlock the possibilities to recombine ideas, create, and, with hard work and patience, innovate.

You know where to find me.

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