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Obesity Crisis – Are we getting it all wrong?

Over 1/3 of the US adult population is categorized as obese by the CDC. Dr Peter Attia is questioning the conventional wisdom of the American Medical Association (AMA) who very recentlyannounced their decision to define obesity as a disease and are now obligated to diagnose and treat their obese patients as such. This decision will cost health insurance providers a great deal of money, as they will now be required to cover obesity treatment for one in three adults and one in six children in the U.S.A. Its a complete win for the pharmaceutical industry. But its possibly a death trap for the US population and does not help obesity patients nor does it help reduce the obesity crisis.

Dr Peter Attia is proposing that the AMA have it all wrong. I agree with him. He is questioning the relationship between insulin resistance and obesity. Most physicians believe that obesity is the cause of insulin resistance so logically to treat insulin resistance you get people to loose weight. What if we have it backwards? What if obesity is not the cause of insulin resistance at all but a symptom of a much deeper problem? Obesity may actually be a coping mechanism for a much deeper metabolic problem…

What if blaming the obese is like blaming the victim, which could very well be what is going on! Its great for the pharmaceuticals, but will not help to reduce the obesity crisis. If you are remotely interested in this very serious issue you should watch Dr Peter Attia’s recent presentation at TED in the video below. Its well worth it and he conveys a very powerful message.

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