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On the pace of change, big inventions and adaptation…

Sunday morning while enjoying a coffee and writing some thoughts on my iPhone in Evernote … kids running around fighting over the cat. Here is a small blurb I just wrote which is first draft text I am feeding Evernote on my way to a book I will publish next year around the topic of #MeaningfulConnections …

Big inventions tend to mature gradually and arrive suddenly — one day we are cueing up and calling from phone booths – the next we all carry miniature super-computers in our pocket we now call smartphones.

We protect these devices like a new replaceable appendage that acts as a second brain, helping us to recall information, get answers to questions and seek connection and even outsource our thinking to algorithms.

The transformation from smartphone to whatever will replace it in the future will be even more profound than the transformation from the phone booth to the smartphone.

Our ability to recombine existing technologies to form new innovations will be the catalyst. Are you seeing, hearing, tinkering and understanding the technological advances around you and acting on these insights to grow personally and as an organization?

Technological innovation will be the driver of change in our lives, which will manifest wonderful creations that will be terrifying all at the same time. Humans will adapt seemlessly. That’s what we do. We adapt. Through effective communication and behavioral adaptation.

Organisations which are not fast enough to evolve and adapt to a changing environment will struggle and suffer a slow and gradual demise until a sudden death becomes reality.

Organisations which are agile, dynamic, fast learning and reactive to the changes in their environment will thrive in this exponential age of technological innovations and seemless human adaptation.

Governments and regulators will struggle to keep up and the ones that do will be the ones we elect into power.

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