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Playing around with my linkedin summary :)

What do you think? Here is a LinkedIn summary I am testing…

Reading it on LinkedIn may improve the experience 🙂

I’m an ordinary person trying to do extraordinary things. You see, that’s why we are the same. You & me.

So why are you here? Spending your precious time & attention on a LinkedIn summary?

Isn’t it remarkable how technology has hijacked our reality and glued us to these screens that actually disconnect us from everything that is real in our lives? Like what’s around you right now within the realm of your reach limiting human senses? And at the same time, technology has enhanced our senses to reach limitless possibility through screens and all of the wonderful technological innovations.

So here we are on LinkedIn, a digitalized version of our professional relationships, and I need to make a point within the 2000 character limit imposed by someone doing their job. Probably for good reasons.

We are all one species on this planet, trying to co-exist with other species. What differentiates us from each other, are our beliefs & desires. The outcome of information we have been exposed to. Technology is great at bringing us closer together, but the miss/information that flows through it, sometimes pulls us further apart. Technology is a wonderful thing, but beware its allure, as the more you become dependent on it, the more it will start to shape you, your time, your attention, your beliefs and desires.

Today, I chose to advocate for a world where technology helps us live happier, healthier and more productive lives and work hard at helping people and organisations build towards this future with the right beliefs, choices & actions.

With a background in biotechnology & entrepreneurship, I bring a unique and refreshing perspective to help people and organizations adapt and evolve sustainability. For this I developed a model called “Meaningful Connections” which acts as a compass to help organizations build better relationships through technology using technology and data.

Now you know where to find me. But until we connect through our senses, is any of this real? 😉

Oh, and its exactly 2000 characters according to LinkedIn.

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