Chris Baldwin Keynote Speaker


Below you can find a list of my upcoming presentation, keynotes and industry engagements as well as publicly shareable presentation I have given in the past.

Many of the presentations I give are unrecorded unfortunate but I am working to change that. It’s amazing how many events just don’t record their content for marketing material. And many of my presentations are in closed confidential board rooms where sharing is not an option like a new business pitch.

For the ones I can share, below is the recording or a version I pieced together from the audio and slides and uploaded to my youtube and vimeo channels. Sometimes I simply write a blog summary of the presentation. If I have the audio, I always upload the recording on my itunes, stitcher and soundcloud accounts so you can listen to them on the go, at the gym, on a run… 🙂

Upcoming engagements

Aug 30, 2018: Keynotes (3x): The National Speakers association Inspire Festival in Amsterdam, where I will present 3 times on Meaningful Connections in a TED like fashion.

Sep 20, 2018: Keynote at the International Doordrop Media Congress in Vienna. I will speak on the future of media, advertising and retail. “Why the speed of culture is determining for the future of retail “.

Sep 28, 2018: Keynote: Jena School for Microbial Communication (JSMC) in Jena, Germany. I will talk about career switching and my transition from science research to Entrepreneurship and the advertising and marketing industry.


  • Keynote – Microsoft EBC exclusive agency event  “Innovation & Digital Transformation” – Link
  • Keynote – Microsoft EBC exclusive advertiser event  “Innovation & Digital Transformation” – Link
  • Keynote – Catawiki company wide event to inspire on the future of digital – Watch
  • Keynote – The Best Social Media Awards  “Future of Social Media & Tech” – Watch
  • Keynote – Dutch Chatbot Meetup at KLM Digital Studios “Future of Digital” – Link
  • Keynote – IAB Content Taskforce 2018 “Future of Content” – Watch
  • Guest Lecture – HvA Digital Marketing Minor “Future of Digital” – Watch
  • Guest Lecture – MARUG Marketing Association “Future of Digital” – Watch
  • Guest Lecture – Hanze University “Small Business and Startups”


  • Keynote – IAB Mixx Awards, Stockholm 2017 “The Future of Digital” – Watch
  • Keynote – Redefine Retail  “Meaningful Connections in Retail” – Watch
  • Keynote – Savage Marketing  “Think Different” – Watch
  • Keynote – Google Mobile Academy  “Mobile Measurements” – Watch
  • Keynote – Microsoft Bing Day in Bergen, Norway  “Why Bing Ads?”
  • Keynote – IAB Digital Innovation  “Meaningful Connections”
  • Moderator – SEM/CRO Track at Savage Marketing – Blog
  • Moderator – Online Tuesday VIP Client Dinner on “Digital Transformation”
  • Jury member at Online Tuesday “The floor is yours” Startup Pitches – Link
  • Guest Lecture – Hanze University “The Future of Content” – Blog
  • Guest Lecture – HvA Digital Marketing Minor  “Future of Digital” – Watch


  • Keynote – Adform Programmatic Event, Amsterdam “What does the future hold?”
  • Panelist – Bing Day NL “Future of Ad blockers and the role of Agencies” – Blog
  • Guest Lecture – Hanze University “The Future of Content” – Blog


  • 2015 – Guest Lecture – VU Global Health Research Master “Future Medicine & eHealth”
  • 2014 – Keynote at ePatient Connections “Cystic Fibrosis Patient Communities” – Link