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Scalable data driven SEO content by Michael Briggs

At friends of search 2017 #fos17 today blogging on mobile while Michael Briggs from Skyscanner giving a nice presentation to kickoff the afternoon session after a nice lunch. 

The presentation is about data driven SEO content and how to build it at scale.

He started with all the tactics and tricks we use to have to generate this type of content. Word spinners, link building, social bookmarking and all these cool techniques we had at our disposal to get attention to our content only to realize it was very short lived and often irrelevant for the user. It did not really add any sustainable value.

He talks about using public data sources to drive your content strategy.

And using structure in your pages as a strategy to by-pass the organic rankings and be chosen as the answer to a given question.

Michael talks about generating highly valuable content that drives action. 

Make your content so good that it moves people and gets them to come back because they remembered you.

The problem you have is not your SEO! 

It is your content proposition and how you are communicating your products. Your products are there for a reason – because people actually need them. If your products are crap then you need to go back to the drawing board and improve them. If they are good and you believe in them, then ensure you are communicating this to the world through incredible content that moves people and inspire action. 

Only then does the SEO (the optimization part) kick in and you explain your proposition to search engines so that they are indexing and ranking your content for the users that are needing it.

Google is getting much better at doing this by understanding the intent of the user through having the data and the artificial intelligence able to make this data actionable.

So by understanding your customer and what they need and want to hear in order to get motivated, you create this content and structure it in a way that engines understand it and are able to link it to the right user with the question you should be answering.

Here were the questions asked by the audience:

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