Chris Baldwin

Me presenting at a recent IAB event

Hi there! So you are here and curious as to who I am and what I can mean for you, your event, organisation or charity. My background is quite complex and if you want to go “all in” you can read my fun bio page with pictures here.

But before you do…here is something a little easier to digest:

I have a background in Biotechnology where I made a unique discovery and developed a vaccine for HIV/AIDS. I have been a Health & Fitness coach for 2 decades with 20 years of International level rowing. I am an Internet Entrepreneur (digital marketing) with seven startups behind me in 5 countries, employed about 60 people and “kinda” semi-retired to France where I live with my family (wife and 3 children) at Villa Billy. Life if for living.

I also lead a US performance agency as CTO, co-founded a health and technology institute in Amsterdam called AHTI, lead the largest Cystic Fibrosis online community and still to this day train 1-2 hours daily and coach others …

Recently, I have been spending my time trying to shed some light on the role technology and the Internet plays in our lives by addressing the fundamentals of relationships, business, data and connectivity. I am currently privileged to be Strategy Director for Traffic4u, responsible for both organization and product innovation and adaptation to a growing need in generating meaningful connections in a society with an ever increasing reliance and dependence on technology. Traffic4u is the largest online performance agency in the Netherlands and falls under IPG mediabrands, which is part of the media giant IPG (Interpublic Group – Wikipedia link).

I spend my days addressing and speaking on questions like:

  • What is the Internet and why does it persist in our lives?
  • How should we build it as an agency and what is our responsibility?
  • What will a marketers role be in an artificially intelligent “automated” future?
  • Why and how should businesses use data to drive growth and happier customers?
  • Why and how should a company take a digital first approach to business?
  • Why and how to disrupt your own business or industry before someone else does?
  • What is the future of search (SEA, SEO, Social) and how to prepare for this future?

I speak on these topics very often for some of the largest brands in front of sizable audiences (My largest audience was 1000 people). I enjoy speaking for all occasions where the above topics are relevant. I never give the same presentation twice. My presentations are always highly adapted to the audience I am speaking to and highly engaging, with a focus on understanding the “bigger picture” and “how to get there”. I like to leave the audience with concrete takeaways that they can apply in their daily work and lives to help them and organisations move forward in the right direction. I especially enjoy inspiring and motivating others to take action by empowering them with the knowledge they need.

I also speak for academia, good causes, non-profit and charitable events as I enjoy donating my time for the benefit of others and our community. In commercially related speaking events, I speak on behalf of Traffic4u and IPG mediabrands, which may or may not be a paid speaking engagement (that will be assessed on a per case basis).

You can contact me on linkedinTwitter, via email to chris@baldemia.com or on my mobile +31-636511371

Or via this contact form which goes straight to my inbox:

Looking forward to meeting you!