Chris Baldwin

Me presenting at a recent IAB event

Hi there! Would love to learn more about you but with this static webpage that’s quite difficult. So here is a little about me and what I have been up to recently.

Much of my time recently has been spent trying to shed some light on the role technology and the Internet plays in our lives by addressing the fundamentals of relationships, business, data and connectivity.

Here are some of the questions people ask me to speak about:

  • What is the Internet and why does it persist in our lives?
  • How to build meaningful connections through technology?
  • What is the role and responsibility of a digital media agency?
  • What will a marketers role be in a technologically automated future?
  • Why & how should businesses use data to drive growth & happier customers?
  • Why and how should a company take a digital first approach to business?
  • Why & how to disrupt your own business or industry before someone else does?
  • What is the future of search and how to prepare for this future?
  • What are the more beautiful questions one can ask & why is this important?
  • How to build a learning organisation & what are the building block required?
  • How to build a culture and way of work that everyone can be proud of?
  • How to accelerate your start-up to reach the success you seek?

As it turns out, the people I speak to on these topics tend to be inspired and get motivated by my words, which motivates me to speak more. The audience can range from small to large groups and some of the largest brands in the Netherlands. I also love to speak for academia, non-profit and good causes. The best place to contact me is through linkedin or Twitter.