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Started watching Black Mirror

Just started watching the Netflix series “Black Mirror” created by Charlie Brooker. It explores how technological advancements may impact the future of humanity. It’s a little crazy but opens up your mind to the possible futures we may face in the decades to come. It really gets you thinking about how technology may impact our lives and shape the human species and the possible futures we maybe already building for ourselves. Each episode is different with new characters each time and explores yet another possible future that maybe awaiting us. Into episode 2 of season one right now…

Episode one season one was pretty scary as it is all so real. The power of social media in controlling the worlds attention and manipulating it. We see it happening today in the way politicians bid for attention across the social platforms and how easy this can be manipulated.

Here is the trailer for season 1. I believe the seasons get better so can’t wait to progress through them. If you are interested in technology and the ways it may shape our future, you will probably like this.



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