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The best performing digital channels for small business

Was studying an interesting recent survey over on Search Engine Land by Myles Anderson, CEO of The survey goes into detail on the most attractive digital channels for small business to deliver quality leads, ROI and Traffic/Clicks. Lets take a quick look at the findings.

The best leads for local business come from organic and local search

You can see that organic and local search are the best drivers of quality leads for small business and social media do not do so well compared to the other digital channels. Social media is actually not a very good lead generation channel but serves well as a communication and engagement channel which allows business to warm up potential future customers.

Local search is especially interesting as this channel produces visitors that potentially have a “buying intent” and may be more proned to converting into paying customers. Local search is the lifeline for many small business and a great source of leads and customers.

Leads for Small Business

High Quality Leads for Small Business


The ROI is highest for small business in organic and local search

This finding surprised me a little as I would have thought that direct visitors would have been the highest ROI customers since they are often pre-qualified and returning to your business website for extra information or an eventual purchase. However, the survey shows that organic and local search are actually the better driver of ROI for small business with direct traffic a very close second in 2015.

Best ROI Channels for Small Business

Best ROI Channels for Small Business

Local and Organic Search drive the most clicks and traffic

Interestingly but not unexpected, local and organic search are by far the biggest drivers of clicks and traffic to small business websites, totalling 40% of a small website traffic makeup. Local search have also increased by 4% YoY as a top traffic driver for small business. Only 10% was a result of direct traffic. Email marketing is about half way up this scale and often an under-utilized channel for many small business. If you are not yet building and nurturing your customer email list you need to start doing so. Use a software solution like Aweber that is cheap and easy to use as well as high performance with all the bells and whisles you will need to run your email list and drive list members into paying customers.

Best Traffic Sources for Small Business

Best Traffic Sources for Small Business

You can find the original survey study results with many more metrics listed here.

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