The economic machine

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The Economic Machine

I found this short 30 minute video an excellent resource for understanding the economy. Its packed full of information on how the economy works and I highly recommend you watch this a few times if you want to understand the economy and see the bigger picture. When you understand this model you will understand how all the pieces of the economy fit together. Its amazing how simple it really is when you break it down to its basic components. It is simply a machine that ticks away in a very clockwise fashion and can be controlled by a number of key triggers. This economic machine model suggests that we are currently right in the middle of a “lost decade” (2008 – 2018) and at the start of a long term dept cycle which is very promising for the decades to come.

It suggests that assets like real-estate is likely at an all time low right now and holding onto assets or buying into assets over the next 5 years is a wise decision if you plan to hold it long enough to climb the new long term debt cycle. I have embedded the key video on the economic machine to this post but if you want more information you should visit the website at

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