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The key is to build your online presence – not your SEO

Build your online presenceThe Internet is fast becoming a complex and dynamic digital landscape. It’s no longer a one-size-fits-all where we use to start our web journey through a Google search. We now have search engines is just about every vertical, whether it be within a web platform or a mobile application.

The days of traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) where we use to optimize a website and its web pages to rank for specific phrases that were deemed high return on investment are fast coming to an end. Meet the era of online presence – where a business or websites needs to be present where the audience is active and ready to engage. Now this maybe Google search, but it may also very well be elsewhere.

Maps, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Linkedin, Quora, Pinterest, YouTube are all search engines and allow its audience to find useful and relevant information, services and products through a simple search. The results returned are pre-qualified and free of irrelevant results. Being optimised in the search engines, platforms or apps that are relevant to your business is what matters.

And the great thing is that if you are well optimised in the search engines that define your audience, Google will pick you up and display your listing in its search results. Just think about how many times you found Yelp, Amazon, Linkedin and Youtube listings in Google search results.

Stop simply optimizing for Google with traditional SEO and start optimizing for a presence where your audience is located and most active. This will stimulate better engagement and positive triggers and Google is only too good at picking up those triggers and displaying you to their filtered and highly targeted audience.

How to start? Think in terms of a digital strategy:

  1. Where are your customers hanging out?
  2. What are their intentions in any given environment?
  3. What is your value proposition and how are you going to get the message across?
  4. Where will your customers ultimately convert? Hint: It may not be your website!

The future of online marketing is becoming a holistic one where digital markets need to understand where audiences are present, what are their intentions and mind-sets and how to intersect with them in order to solve their problems and add value.

And remember that customer acquisition is often much harder and more expensive than customer retention. So treat your existing customers well as they may just be your best channel for new customer acquisition 😉

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