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The New Apple iWatch … Shhh

This may be what the new Apple iWatch could look like. The device will seamlessly communicate with your iPhone and I anticipate it will do most things an iphone can do and potentially more. You will for example be able to measure vital signs such as respiration and heartbeat, and if the results are not within an optimal range, the iWatch will automatically provide suggestions on how to make improvements. I think it will be a very useful device for on the go in office/family/social environments where taking out your iphone is no longer decent and in some instances plain rude.

The big advantages of a wearable mobile device apart from the obvious reduced risk of breakage and theft, are that it will be able to read your vital signs much more effectively on the go and hence play a better role in health and medical prognosis, which could give birth to the next big wave of medical innovation through application development aimed at monitoring health and preventing disease. If Apple or other smart watch manufacturers are able to address health and improve quality of life, no price tag is going to stop young and old from buying such a device. A revolution could be in the making. Time will tell.

new apple iwatch

iWatch Concept by Todd Ham

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