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The Original Meaningful Connections Article

The original, unchanged #MeaningfulConnections article before I even built the model. This was posted in October 2016 and written in March 2016 on a 1 hour flight completely disconnected from the Internet (the best way to think and create).

It explains today’s reality, way before all the hype and reality of today’s ecosystem and any mention of #GDPR upgrades, what #IoT even means and the real value of our collective #data to large tech companies.

Have a read. It’s still accurate today and covers the basics of what is going on in today’s technology wars and the #techlash we are experiencing.

See, agencies like IPG Mediabrands and Traffic4u are way ahead of the curve! This is proof.

Thank you Richard Smoorenburg Justus Wever Mark van Kasteren for your help and support in getting this published 2 years ago!

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